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Blockandinavia has the right solution to bring your business into the blockchain era. Whether you are planning to tokenise assets or raise capital through smart contracts and a token generation event, we tailor advisory services and technical solutions according to your needs. Easy, secure and compliant.

What we do best

Through tokenomics we are rewriting the way we organise  and continue improving the lives of many.

Blockandinavia has taken the initiative to stay one step ahead and set the standards by establishing a suite of best practices, frameworks, and tech developments that provide an open, fair, secure, and sustainable methodology for doing business in the blockchain.

Smart Contracts

On-chain, off-chain or hybrid proprietary smart contract development for token or asset distribution.

Consulting Services

Let one of our seasoned consultants guide you through the nascent and sometimes ambiguous space of digital capital.

Fintech Legal

Fintech and blockchain regulations are not easy to navigate. We take you by the hand and provide the do’s and don’ts of the industry.

Database Design

Blockchain databases are secure and tamperproof but slow and costly. We help you find the perfect match for your needs.

Security & Code Audit

We assess wether your organisation is following good and efficient data protection practices.

ICO Facilitation & Consulting

Community building, marketing & bounty campaigns. Boost your momentum and reach your target faster.

Investment Interfaces & UX design

Connect with investors in a seamless, fully customisable UI that is secure and scalable.

Crypto Quant Trading

Design and implementation of algorithm trading according to your investment mandate.

Transform traditional finance through fintech

An increasing number of individuals and business alike are taking advantage of fintech , conducting their financial transactions and offering innovative services at a reduce cost, increased efficiency and reaching a larger target than it was possible before. Stay ahead of the competition!

Secure your assets

We take the security of crypto assets very seriously

At Blockandinavia we operate with the philosophy of handling our client’s assets like they were our own. The security of the assets of your contributors is our priority, from the development of crypto wallets and crowdfunding interfaces to the audit of your own developed smart contracts and security infrastructure, we put in execution the best practices in the industry.

Adapt your strategy

Technology is changing at an unprecedented rate and only those with the capability to adapt will succeed

According to a PwC survey almost 60% of leader companies around the world have an AI strategy in place and almost 84% are incorporating blockchain technology at some level into their business model. Are you a leader or a laggard?

Achieve Success

In order to make the most out of the capability the blockchain offers the regulatory, tax and legal landscape needs to move forward 

Blockandinavia guides your business to help influence the regulation that is set, develop understanding in governments about the potential for blockchain and how policy should be set.

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